Our Story

As anyone who has ever started a business knows, one of the toughest things most entrepreneurs face is gaining access to the funds they need to get their idea off the ground. We know this because we speak from first-hand experience. The company we started—Evolve Bank & Trust—began as nothing more than an idea scribbled on a napkin. But because we were able to get funding for that idea, Evolve now employs nearly 500 people nationwide and has grown more each year. 

We know how difficult it is starting a business, and we wanted to give back to others as they go along the journey. This is where the idea for Java4Jobs comes into the picture. Java4Jobs was created to provide financing to startups, small businesses, and minority and women-owned businesses. The capital we use to invest in these businesses is provided through the sale of our coffee. We seek to invest in exceptional businesses managed by extraordinary people who possess a record of achievement, integrity, and a determination to make a difference in our world.

If you are a startup, small business, minority or a woman-owned business and would like more information on how Java4Jobs might be able to help you, please contact us by selecting the CONTACT tab at the top right of the home screen and filling out our form. Someone will be in touch with you in a few days. Thank you for your interest in Java4Jobs! 

Organic Sumatra Ketiara is a USDA certified organic coffee.  The cup has a big body with a thick, sweet depth that provides its stand alone personality. Its cupping notes include dark chocolate and black pepper.  It makes mornings  memorable.   

Beans from South America, Indonesia (Sumatra and Paupa New Guinea) and Ethiopia are combined in this artisan blend.Mixed for the times between the opening and closing bells; it’s an “all day” coffee.

Finca Idealista is an exceptional Nicaraguan coffee farm that produces beans that provide a sweet, smooth cup. From the standpoint of ecological sensibility and social impact, this farm is superior.

If we’re going to raise the trajectory of job creation, we must focus on microeconomic strategies that give small businesses and entrepreneurs the resources they need to grow and create more well-paying jobs. One of the most critical of these is capital.
— Karen Mills, Former Small Business Administration Head

We want to help find a solution to this problem.

Access to capital remains one of the most important factors limiting the establishment, expansion and growth of minority and women-owned businesses. Given this well-established constraint, the current financial environment has placed a greater burden on minority and women entrepreneurs who are trying to keep their businesses thriving in today’s economy.

Having said all this, what we really want to do is help young companies get their ideas off the ground and create jobs for people who need them. If you feel you are one of these companies please contact us by filling out the form in the CONTACT tab and someone will be in touch with you within a few days. Thank you for your interest in Java4Jobs! 



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